Amish Proposal


Will Lila Yoder ever be the same after her sister, Hannah, passes away unexpectedly? When the Bishop approaches her only minutes after the funeral, asking her to take her sister's place as wife to Hannah's grieving husband and a mother to her children, Lila panics and runs off.

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Amish Homecoming: Amish Auction

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Can a letter written by a dying woman bring two lonely hearts together?

Abby Yoder is jobless, and homeless, and has given up her heritage. When she uses her last few dollars to bid on a cedar trunk she feels drawn to at an auction, the contents turn her world upside down.Noah Lapp, a young widower, has just gotten rid of his wife's belongings at the local auction. What he didn't count on was having her cedar chest come back to him, along with his troublesome past.

This series is a sweet, clean romance.
Book One: The Proposal


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