Samantha Bayarr

First Independent Author of Amish Fiction 


Samantha Bayarr became the first Independent Author of Amish Fiction when she published Little Wild Flower on paperback in 2005 and has since, written more than 130 Christian fiction books. She writes Amish Romance, Amish Suspense, Western & Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, and has begun a series of Christian Devotionals. Samantha also illustrates for her husband, John Foster, who writes children’s books. Together, they write full-time in their historic home in a small town in Florida.

RSS Devotional Diary
  • Salty or Sweet? March 1, 2018
    My husband and I differ in our snack choices; he's salty, and I'm sweet. But we do come together when these two can combine, such as with yummy salted caramels.In the spiritual world, salty and sweet often go hand-in-hand too. The Bible tells us not to lose our saltiness because we are the salt of the […]
    Samantha Bayarr
  • Five Minutes you'll never get back February 15, 2018
    We've all heard the saying, "That's five minutes I'll never get back."Time is precious, but when it comes to investing our time wisely, most fall short. Many things waste our time: watching TV, surfing the internet, or even brooding over something that didn't go our way. Pick something you do that wastes time; we all […]
    Samantha Bayarr
  • Honk if you Love Jesus February 1, 2018
    I can remember when I was a child and seeing this as a bumper sticker on cars. Sadly, my parents were heathens and wouldn't be caught dead with such a sticker on their cars. They, in fact, ridiculed those who did. They honked, but not to proclaim their love for our Lord and Savior, but to […]
    Samantha Bayarr
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