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New Release Amish Matchmaker

Annabelle knows exactly what she wants; if only everyone would cooperate with her, then her life would be perfect! This is a companion book to Matching Wits, Book 5 in the series. It is highly recommended that you read Matching Wits before reading this one in order to get the best reading experience. CLICK HERE…

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Amish Christmas Bakery

Featured Christmas Book  4 Novellas in ONE book! Now on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play Noel Fisher can make entire villages out of gingerbread; why won’t she make a few dozen gingerbread cookies for Hunter Darcy? When a widowed Englisher, Hunter Darcy, asks Noel, an Amish woman, to make a couple dozen gingerbread cookies for his daughter’s class…

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