New Release Amish Grooms

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Everyone is shocked when the Bishop’s youngest son is appointed as the new Bishop after the unexpected death of his father. He’s expected to take a bride immediately, but how can he find love in the midst of his grief?

When Deacon Byler is asked to step up as the new Bishop, his first response is to turn it down. After all, he only just turned twenty-one! But he soon sees his appointment as an opportunity to bring change to his community. The only catch? One of the elders is forcing his only daughter on Deacon, and he does not want to marry her.

Allie Fisher has had a crush on Deacon Byler since they were children, but he’s ignored her for years. When her father insists that Deacon marry her for convenience (to accept the position as the new Bishop), Allie is humiliated by his demand.

Can Allie and Deacon find a way to work together to outsmart the elders and get their own way in all of this?

235 pages

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