Amish Brides: Heartbroken Bride

Title: Amish Brides: Heartbroken Bride
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Pages: 216

Shunned and Heartbroken; Will Miriam get her groom?
Miriam has been run out of the community by the Bishop after she lied in order to force Nate to marry her.
Now she is unwed and shunned.
A woman-scorned, Miriam commits terrible acts of revenge against the woman Nate marries and her sister. Now she has made enemies of Bethany and Levinia, as well as the entire community. When Miriam finds herself in need of help, she finds she has no other choice but to return to the very community she was run out of. Will she be able to humble herself for the sake of getting help? Will she find forgiveness and love from a community where none is deserved, or will she have to endure the consequences of her sins?