Amish Brides: Second-hand Bride

Title: Amish Brides: Second-hand Bride
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Pages: 226

Will Lavinia be the second-hand bride?
When Bethany and Lavinia Miller discover a handsome Englisher barely conscious on the bank of Willow Creek, rivalry comes out in its ugliest form as they argue over who will get to care for him. Despite knowing their father would never approve of their actions, they decide to stow away the Englischer in the loft above their barn.
While they compete for his attention, it becomes evident that the Englischer has a few secrets of his own.
While Nate recovers, he finds himself getting lost in the care of these two young Amish women, leaving him wondering if he might want to stay. But when another woman shows up looking for him, things become more complicated than any of them could have possibly anticipated.