Amish Family Christmas

Title: Amish Family Christmas
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Pages: 250

♥ After ten years, now comes the continuing story of the Jacob’s Daughter Series, complete with all your favorite characters!

It’s Christmas at the Yoder’s, and Lizzie and Jacob are worried their oldest daughter, Abby, will not be able to visit this year because of a snowstorm. After Jonah was appointed as Bishop in another Amish community, it has been a difficult year for them to live so far away from their family.

Meanwhile, Levi, who’d been baptized into the Amish community, owns a tree farm and tries to spread the Christmas cheer by gifting a little greenery to the Yoder family.

Rachel, their youngest daughter, runs the local bakery and uses her mother’s Christmas cookie recipe to form a cookie brigade within the community that has been commissioned by the mayor to provide treats for the homeless at the local shelter.

Join Rose and Noah as they welcome their first grandchild, while Lillian and Seth have just adopted their seventh child.

Katie, who is still the schoolteacher, and her husband Caleb, have some very special news to share with the family.

Lila and Samuel receive a very special gift this year, while they prepare for a very special Christmas wedding.

Join the Yoder family as they celebrate Christmas at the B&B with Bess and Jessup, along with a few new faces not-yet introduced in the Jacob’s Daughter Series.