Amish Grooms: The Convenient Groom

Title: Amish Grooms: The Convenient Groom
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Pages: 325

♥ She needs a nanny; he wants a wife!

When Obie Byler offers to take his sister’s place as a nanny for Hazel Lapp, who recently became caregiver for her widowed sister’s children, he thinks watching twin boys will be an easy way to get closer to Hazel. What he hadn’t realized was how much trouble a couple of six-year-old boys can be.

Hazel is annoyed when Obie shows up in his sister’s place to watch her nephews, but how can she object without sounding ungrateful when she learns his sister can’t help because she broke her wrist and sprained her ankle?

Since Hazel has to get back to work, she agrees to Obie’s offer. Not only did she inherit her sister’s bakery, but also the responsibility for her two rambunctious boys. Her sister had always made things look so easy, but juggling all the responsibility alone isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. To add to her grief, Obie has made his intentions clear and she has no time or patience for courting right now. Can she keep a clear conscience if she takes advantage of his generosity just for her own personal gain, or will he be able to break through her resistance to his charming way of courting?

Now that Obie’s brother, Deacon, is the Bishop of the community, will he be able to help, or will his advice only make things worse?