Blizzards & Blessings

Title: Blizzards & Blessings
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Pages: 250

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An Amish Mail Order Bride? That's not what Muley Tucker thought he was getting when he began to correspond with Emma Jane Miller.

Emma Jane shows up in Silver City, Nevada, a wild, mining town, to be Muley Tucker’s mail-order bride. The only problem is, she left out one LITTLE detail about herself; she’s Amish!
Muley doesn’t take too kindly to being tricked and tries to send her on her way before the miners show up in town to give him his daily dose of ribbing. You see, Muley already has his own problems; he’s a pig farmer, and because of it, he’s the joke of the town. If he marries Emma, he’ll be in for an even bigger dose of teasing.
With no money to return home and Muley’s refusal to honor the marriage contract, Emma Jane must stay in the boarding house in town until the stage comes back.
An early snowstorm threatens everyone’s plans; can Emma and Muley put aside their differences for Thanksgiving and for the sake of the town?

This is a stand-alone novel that brings Amish Romance together with Historical Romance