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New Release Amish Books

Amish Stories of Christmas Past

NEW Collection includes these five stories: Collection includes: 1. A Simple Amish Christmas 2. Amish Christmas Homecoming 3. Amish Christmas Nanny 4. Amish Christmas Gift 5. Amish Christmas Holiday NOW on Kindle or FREE with Kindle Unlimited

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New Release Amish Matchmaker

Annabelle knows exactly what she wants; if only everyone would cooperate with her, then her life would be perfect! This is a companion book to Matching Wits, Book 5 in the series. It is highly recommended that you read Matching Wits before reading this one in order to get the best reading experience. CLICK HERE…

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Amish Acres

Tobacco Rows: Book 2 Amish Acres series.  Annie Lapp, the community gossip, is determined to get her hooks in Jeremiah, but after a brief encounter with him in the tobacco field, is she wrong about everything? Everyone makes mistakes during their rumspringa, but Annie is determined to make them all. Amish Acres; where the romance…

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